Culinary experience in Japan

Traditional Japanese Buddhist cuisine (Shojin ryori)

Shojin ryori is one of traditional Japanese Buddhist cuisine. Buddhism prohibits the killing of animals for human consumption, it’s vegetarian meals without meat and fish, and popular ingredients are vegetables, beans and seaweed. It is popular not only as a vegetarian meal but also as healthy dishes. We introduce one of nice Shojin restaurants located in Roppongi.

Traditional Japanese confectionery making experience in Kyoto (2 hours)

People visiting Japan will be impressed at the beauty of traditional Japanese sweets from ancient times, artisans of various world of specialty have been cultivating tradition in Kyoto. The world of wagashi (traditional Japanese confectionery) is one of such. The store that was founded more than 210 years ago offers for traditional Japanese confectionery making lessons. You will have an experience of making the one that colorfully expresses seasonal elegance with artisan.


Price per person: USD 150.00 per person for 2 guests


Starting point: Shijo Omiya, Kyoto

Ending point: same as starting point



13:30 pm Meet our guide in front of the building of the workshop place in central Kyoto

14:00 pm Learn how to make wagashi from professional confectioner.

And enjoy confectionary you made with Japanese green tea (or roasted green tea, low-caffeine, if preferred)

Approx. 15:30 pm Tour disbands at the workshop place in Kyoto

Tsukiji Outer Market and Ginza Private Tour (2.5 hours)

Tsukiji is synonymous with the former Tsukiji Fish Market, once the world’s largest seafood market. While the inner fish market, site of the world-famous tuna auctions, relocated to nearby Toyosu in October 2018, you can still visit the Tsukiji Outer Market and see various shopkeepers ply their trade. It is good location within walking distance from Ginza, you can visit Ginza passing in front of Kabukiza.


Price per person: USD 140.00 per person for 2 guests


Starting point: Hotel you stay

Ending point: Tsukiji or Ginza station



09:00 am Meet our guide at your hotel and take public transportation to Tsukji

10:00 am Explore the Tsukiji outer market and Namiyoke Shrine

Approx. 11:30 am Tour disbands at Tsukiji station or Ginza station

Sushi nigiri experience (2.0 hours)

Sushi may be the most popular Japanese food among foreigners visiting Japan.

Besides having sushi, in just like a real sushi chef, standing at the counter in white robe wearing, hold the sushi, it will be a valuable experience in Japan. You will be able to feel in the skin the sushi culture of Japan.


Price per person: USD 200.00 per person for 2 guets


Starting point: Tsukiji, Tokyo

Ending point: same as starting point



10:00 am (09:00 am on Sat.) Meet our guide in front of the building of the workshop place in Tsukiji

10:30 am (09:30 am on Sat.) Learn how to make sushi from professional sushi chef.

And eat your hand-made sushi

Approx. 12:00 pm (11:00 am on Sat.) Tour disbands at the workshop place in Tsukiji

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