Welcome To Tunisia

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Sapphire-colored sea, velvet sandy beaches, delicious dates, opuntia, charming French boulevards, military forts, ancient medinas — Tunisia is rich in all of this. It is a beautiful, hospitable country with a long coastline, excellent modern hotels, and high-quality service. Here you can visit the Sahara Desert and the place of tourist pilgrimage — Matmata village. Its inhabitants are Troglodytes-Berbers, who live in caves. And it became widely known thanks to the "Star Wars" of George Lucas, which scenes were filmed here. Now, you can stay overnight at the underground hotel Sidi Driss where Luke Skywalker's home was shot and feel like a hero of the popular saga. Besides, Tunisia is known for the renowned ruins of ancient Carthage and unique mosaics of antiquity. Thalassotherapy is the pearl of a vacation in this country. A trip to Tunisia will give you not only the most positive emotions but also a beautiful tan.
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