Toulouse - The multi-faceted region

Historic capital of the Occitanie region, in the South-West of France, the "Pink City" takes its nickname from its Roman brick and tile construction, giving its architecture a lively pink look that is instantly

With a gentle way of life and exceptional friendliness, the city has survived the ages and has preserved incredible historical remains, including the sumptuous Saint-Sernin Basilica dating from the 11th century and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Very close to the Basilica, you cannot miss the sumptuous Place du Capitole. True heart of the city where gravitates all around, shops and restaurants, is the perfect place to go shopping. Pink city but also green city, many gardens present in the heart of the city allow you to discover the city and its nature. You must discover the quays of the Garonne, where, at sunset, the most beautiful view of the city is offered to you.

Walking, visiting, opens the appetite and in Toulouse, you will not miss the opportunity to treat yourself. Among the typical dishes of the South-West, there is foie gras or duck breast but also the famous cassoulet, a dish made from dried beans and meat or the local celebrity, Toulouse sausage. Be very careful if you venture into a bakery, here we say Chocolatine! and not pain au chocolat

Ideal city for winter due to its many museums, you can also take the opportunity to go skiing or sledding for the most fearful, where the first slopes are only 1h30 away by car. In summer, when the sun shines, we head for the beach, barely 2 hours away.

Toulouse is the perfect mix of culture, history, nature, discovery and activity, which makes it a multifaceted city.

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